The select widget allows you to pick a single string value from a dropdown menu.

  • Name: select
  • UI: HTML select input
  • Data type: string
  • Options:
    • default: accepts a string; defaults to an empty string
    • options: (required) a list of options for the dropdown menu; can be listed in two ways:
      • string values: the label displayed in the dropdown is the value saved in the file
      • object with label and value fields: the label displays in the dropdown; the value is saved in the file
  • Example (options as strings):

  - label: "Align Content"
    name: "align"
    widget: "select"
    options: ["left", "center", "right"]
  • Example (options as objects):

  - label: "City"
    name: "airport-code"
    widget: "select"
      - { label: "Chicago", value: "ORD" }
      - { label: "Paris", value: "CDG" }
      - { label: "Tokyo", value: "HND" }