The object widget allows you to group multiple widgets together, nested under a single field. You can choose any widget as a child of an object widget—even other objects.

  • Name: object
  • UI: a field containing one or more child widgets
  • Data type: list of child widget values
  • Options:
    • default: you can set defaults within each sub-field’s configuration
    • fields: (required) a nested list of widget fields to include in your widget
  • Example:

  - label: "Profile"
    name: "profile"
    widget: "object"
      - {label: "Public", name: "public", widget: "boolean", default: true}
      - {label: "Name", name: "name", widget: "string"}
      - label: "Birthdate"
        name: "birthdate"
        widget: "date"
        default: ""
        format: "MM/DD/YYYY"
      - label: "Address"
        name: "address"
        widget: "object"
          - {label: "Street Address", name: "street", widget: "string"}
          - {label: "City", name: "city", widget: "string"}
          - {label: "Postal Code", name: "post-code", widget: "string"}