The list widget allows you to create a repeatable item in the UI which saves as a list of widget values. map a user-provided string with a comma delimiter into a list. You can choose any widget as a child of a list widget—even other lists.

  • Name: list
  • UI: if fields is specified, field containing a repeatable child widget, with controls for adding, and deleting widgets; if unspecified, a text input for entering comma-separated values
  • Data type: list of widget values
  • Options:
    • default: if fields is specified, declare defaults on the child widgets; if not, you may specify a list of strings to populate the text field
    • max: limits the number of items in the list
    • fields: a nested list of multiple widget fields to be included in each repeatable iteration
  • Example (fields not specified):

  - label: "Tags"
    name: "tags"
    widget: "list"
    default: ["news"]
  • Example (with fields):

  - label: "Testimonials"
    name: "testimonials"
    widget: "list"
      - {label: Quote, name: quote, widget: string, default: "Everything is awesome!"}
      - label: Author
        name: author
        widget: object
          - {label: Name, name: name, widget: string, default: "Emmet"}
          - {label: Avatar, name: avatar, widget: image, default: "/img/emmet.jpg"}